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Fun Floor Mats for Healthy Feet

Nature created our feet to walk in nature: Grass, Stones, Sticks, Dirt.

And we spend our days on flat, hard surfaces; we are living in a world of concrete, blacktop and hard floors.
MUFFIK makes feet happy!
We spend our lives on flat surfaces.
As a result, we suffer from many issues.
Nature created our feet to walk in nature: Grass, Stones, Sticks, Dirt.

And we spend our days on flat, hard surfaces; we are living in a world of concrete, blacktop and hard floors.
MUFFIK makes feet happy!

We spend our lives on flat surfaces.

As a result, we suffer from many issues.
Because we neglect to give our feet the freedom and mobility that they need, our feet do not properly develop.

We encourage our toddlers to run about barefoot for a couple of years, then we confine our feet in shoes for the majority of the rest of their lives.

With MUFFIK Orthopedic Floor Mats, you gain:
  • Massage: Walking of MUFFIK massages your feet and stimulates you senses
  • ​Strength: MUFFIK helps you to make your feet and legs stronger, or children to develop more naturally
  • Control: Better control of how your foot hits the ground
  • Stability: Stronger range of motion and stronger joints increase our stability, improving our hips, knees and core
  • Happiness: Walking barefoot increases mental health, found to lower depression and reduce anxiety
  • ​Sleep: Walking barefoot has benefits against insomnia
  • Grounding: Walking of MUFFIK, earthing therapies have a wider range, both in destination and throughout all seasons 
  • Fun: Muffik is cool and fun: you children will be intrigued and engage with them for hours

MUFFIK Orthopedic Puzzles

MUFFIK orthopedic floors are designed from environments found in nature. Pebbles, shells, forests – Each element is built into our floor mats to mimic the benefits and pleasures of walking barefoot over real surfaces.
Get your MUFFIK floors today!
Get your MUFFIK floors today!
MUFFIK gives more strength and improve your balance.
The stronger core and increased balance help us to reduce stress on our hips, legs and back.
Endless games make these mats a perfect fit during playtime.
Helps growing children correct flat feet, and bad posture.
Our Best Seller:
Our Best Sellers
3D Extended
Save 15 % Now!
Our Extended Set expands any existing set with additional puzzle mats for a larger area to play and train.
USE CODE 15FORY OU at Checkout for discount
  • 5 Large Mats
  • Includes:
  • 2 Twister Mats - Coast
  • Logs - Hedgehog
Medium 2
Save 15% Now!
Our most popular choice, the Medium 2 Set has a variety of shapes and sizes to get your feet and fun started on a proper foundation.
USE CODE 15FORY OU at Checkout for discount
  • 7 Large Mats + 4 Small Mats
  • Includes:
  • Pebbels - Seashells - MUFFIK - Grass - Meadow
  • Dino Eggs - Logs - Small Soft Grass
  • Small Hard Grass - Small Snail - Small Starfish

Diamond Set
Save 15% Now!
What do physiotherapists say? ‘Little is needed to bring your feet to life. Use
them. Use them as they were designed.
USE CODE 15FORY OU at Checkout for discount
  • 33 Large Mats and 16 Small Mats
  • Hard and Soft Mats Include:
  • Grass - Dino Eggs - Pebbles - Seashells - MUFFIK
  • Nuts - Forest - Grass - Meadow - Dino Eggs
  • 4X Logs - 5X Twister Coast - Hedgehog
What Are People Saying?

Our Orthopedic Puzzle Mat Sets:

Medium Set #1

This set consists of basic floor types. It represents a balanced  combination of both hard and soft surfaces. Individual floors complement each other perfectly. 

Diamond Set

Our largest set contains 49 individual floors. Great solution for large spaces at a special price.

Medium Set #2

This basic set is a combination of soft and hard surfaces in an ideal  harmony. The set includes mini floors that can easily be attached to larger parts according to your imagination. 

3D Extended Set

The Extended Set perfectly supports  perception and motor skills, develops children’s imagination and, last but not least, its color combination encourages them to play. Specially designed for our smallest, curious members. The package is an extension of the basic sets. It contains a sophisticated summary of elements for strengthening the centre of the body and for training balance and stability. The bonus is to strengthen the ankles and inner muscles that help with correct posture.

Eco Set

They smell like real wood, and that's because they are made with real wood, with the textures our standard Orthopedic Puzzle Mats. Our Eco Set is made of real wood and a mixture of eco friendly plastic and other eco friendly raw materials. Different tiles have varying degrees of hardness to simulate natural surfaces. Our tiles help to prevent flat feet, improve muscle tone and core strength. Our Orthopedic Puzzle Mats have an overall positive effect on the body, mental health, anxiety and emotional tension.


This set is a comprehensive array of our tiles! It is a combination of soft and hard surfaces in an ideal harmony. The set also includes mini floors that can easily be attached to larger parts according to your imagination. 

Huge Set #1

This set is a wide variety of several of our tiles in varying textures. This set is perfect for expanding your collection!

Huge Set #2

Like Huge Set #1, this is an awesome collection perfect for your larger room. This set is large enough to play Twister! It combines many textures and bright colors. Includes the mini tiles that fit together and equal the same size as the standard size textured tile.

The Royal Set

This is our second largest set! This is for those of us with Muffik Madness! It includes our full line of the original Muffik plus the Eco Tiles. Plenty of tiles for any room and just about any game that you can think of! Grab this set and make your kid feel like Royality!

Baby Set

This is a perfect starter set! It is our most popular as a gift, great for getting the Muffik Madness started!

Muffik Magic Carpet

Muffik Magic Carpet is a whole room flooring solution. For about the same price as a standard floor, your kids room can be transformed into a soft Muffik wonderland!


Our newest textured set, Roots represents the forest floor. Molded after roots and pine needles, these hard tiles are perfect for stimulation! No matter how you put these tiles together, the Roots always line up!
Let’s remember our trouble-free childhood spent in nature. We ran barefoot  in the grass. We ran on rocks by the river. We ran on the pine needles and cones in the forest. We jumped over fallen logs and balanced on them. We waded by the lake, or the river,  looking for empty shells; building castles of sand or mud. We have childhood memories of pleasant feelings under our feet. 

As adults, we’ve moved to big cities and we’re no longer surrounded by nature, but  
by a vast concrete jungle. We shouldn’t forget that the first years of a child’s life is when they discover the world by touch. Fine motor skills contribute to the proper speech development.

The smooth surface can’t give a child a real idea of what really surrounds them. It’s
very important to know the world through different tactile sensations differing in
hardness, surface structure and shape.

Wouldn’t it be great if something reminded us those days spent in nature with friends? In a flat or house, however, we can’t just walk on grass, in a forest or on  smooth sand like on the beach. 

Or can we? 

Fortunately, today we have modern technologies that make everything possible. We took real natural elements such as stones, cones, or blades of grass, created 3D templates from them, and then made MUFFIK puzzles whereby you can assemble  your own piece of nature in the comfort and safety of your own home. 
These puzzles are designed to be easy for everyone to assemble, disassemble and rearrange. 

You can create a trail, a path or even a maze and play a many adventure and skill games. With our help, you can walk on the grass in the living room, turn a children’s room into the beach with shells and a corridor into a forest with pine-cones and branches. 

You can help your child develop imagination and fine motor skills in a non-violent way through play.

Muffik Puzzle Floors 
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